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Yoga Classes

Open Group Class
Monday and Thursday Morning Flow Yoga classes are full body flow classes designed to improve strength, stability and balance.

Tuesday pm Strength and Stability Yoga class is designed to balance musculoskeletal flexibility and strength.

Friday noon Body Balance Yoga class is designed to enhance physical and physiological balance in our bodies.

Class theme changes daily.  Classes are open to anyone wanting to experience the beauty of yoga from beginner to advanced.

I love "A Grateful Breath" Yoga!  Linda is so positive, and takes the time to help and teach us new moves. It has been the best thing I have done for myself. F.B.

Private Individual
Private individual sessions are a one to one session with Linda including custom yoga classes and homework to meet your individual needs.  This is great for individual athletes looking to improve their physical and mental focus for their sport.  This is also great for individuals looking to develop their own personal yoga practice in a private setting.
Private Group
Private group sessions are designed for teams, employment groups, running groups etc.  Linda will design a class that meets the specific needs of your group.
Open drop in rate @ A Grateful Breath/Park Point Golf & Beach- $12 per class, $100 for 10 class pass
Private individual session with Linda- $50.00/hour
Private group session with Linda - $75.00/hour


If you've never tried, yoga, A Grateful Breath is the place to start!  Linda adjusts the classes/poses to fit your skill level and works with you if there are any pre-existing conditions preventing you from holding  a pose.  The hour flies by and you don't even realize the extent of the workout your body went through. You won't regret trying A Greatful Breath! Deb

Yoga at A Grateful Breath is life changing!

The hands on approach and Linda'a PT background is a great combination.  She guides you to your best you!  The level of strength, flexibility and balance that you gain quickly is amazing! Kim

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