Due to COVID- 19 and the need for us all to be safe and healthy, all yoga classes have been cancelled until April 1st.  At times like this it is so easy to get lost in the temporary and let fear overtake our thoughts and actions. 

Thich Nhat Hanh shared this guiding wisdom, "smile, breathe, and go slowly". 

Goals for this week while practicing social distancing; 1. Wake up each day with gratitude in your heart and a smile on your face.  2. Allow your attention to go to the natural rhythm of your breath.  Be aware of its calming presence.  3. Value slowness.  Consider this time as a gift, taking time to re-read your favorite book, reconnect with a friend through conversation, practice yoga, etc. Sending you all positive, loving thoughts and healing energy.  Linda


Welcome to the first day


of the rest of your life!  

Make the best of it!

Linda's Teaching Schedule:
5:30 pm - Open - Gentle Yoga - DISC
9:00 am - Open Yoga - DISC 
10:30 am - Private senior chair yoga
12:00 pm - Private session
9:00 am - Open Yoga - DISC
11:30 am - Private - NRRI
8:00 am - Open Core De Force - DISC
9:00 am - Open Yoga - DISC 
10:30 am - Private senior chair yoga 
12:00 pm - Private - UWS
7:15 pm - Open Runa Candle light Yoga - Runa Studio
Everyone is welcome to join the open classes.  Drop in rates at DISC are $10 for non-members.  $85 for 10 class pass. 
Drop in rate for Core De Force classes $5 
Drop in rates at Runa Studio are $14, or $12 for military, seniors  and students.