A positive mindset
gives you a glow from within!


Welcome to the first day

of the rest of your life!  

Make the best of it!

1:00 pm - Private

8:30 am - Open - Svalja Yoga Studio -
Mindful morning flow - in studio & zoom (svalja.yoga/classes)
10:00 am - Senior Chair Yoga - Miller Hill Manor

12:00 pm - Private - NRRI - zoom

8:30 am - DISC - in studio (218-722-0810)

Everyone is welcome to join the open classes. 
Drop in rates at DISC are $10 for non-members. 
$85 for 10 class pass. 
Drop in rates at Runa Studio are $16.
Drop in rates at Svalja Studio are $12.
Bundle class packages available at both Runa
and Svalja Yoga studios.